Hotel Bílý páv v Benátkách nad Jizerou hodnocení


Appetizers and salads
Tiger prawns, wasabi mayonnaise, salad with roasted sesame seeds and pickled ginger
169 Kč
Smoked mozzarella in Tyrolean bacon, arugula and dried tomatoes salad, balsamic vinaigrette
155 Kč
Beef carpaccio with basil aioli, capers, black olives, arugula, Grana Padano shavings
195 Kč
Caesar salad - romaine lettuce with anchovy dressing, chicken breast, bacon chips, parmesan and butter crouton
189 Kč
Salmon tartar, toast, avocado, sour cream, pink ginger
199 Kč
Fresh goat’s cheese, roasted sesame seeds, red beet, sweet carrot
179 Kč
Side dish vegetable salad with Dijon dressing
65 Kč
Czech Kulajda sour cream and potato soup, eggs, dill pesto
59 Kč
Strong veal broth, homemade dumplings and root vegetables
55 Kč
Children's meals
In case your children don’t want anything from our kids menu, feel free to order them their favourite meal.
Nougat curd dumplings, homemade vanilla cream, chocolate shavings
69 Kč
Fried chicken nuggets, fine mashed potatoes with butter
69 Kč
Traditional cream sauce, beef, carlsbad dumpling
89 Kč
French fries, ketchup
59 Kč
Pasta and risotto
Spaghetti, basil pesto, sundried tomatoes, baked chicken, garlic and arugula leaves, Grana Padano shavings
189 Kč
Fettuccine with piglet tenderloin, wild mushrooms, cream, fresh marjoram and Grana Padano shavings
189 Kč
Sepia spaghetti, sun-dried tomatoes, shallots, basil, Halloumi cheese, grilled shrimps
219 Kč
Creamy risotto with boletes, arugula, truffle oil, parmesan
199 Kč
Italian saffron risotto, butter halibut
249 Kč
(Our risotto is prepared with Arborio rice cooked the Italian way. We can also offer gluten-free pasta, or prepare meat-free meals on request))
The best of Czech cuisine
Seletice beef rib stewed on thyme, horseradish flavoured mashed potatoes, strong sauce, baked garlic
299 Kč
Wild boar back, rowan and port wine sauce, spinach puree, potato straw
325 Kč
Traditional beef sirloin with cream sauce, baked beef on thyme, bun dumplings, cranberry chutney
189 Kč
Our meat comes from tried and tested suppliers and always meets the highest expectations of the production quality. Raw meat weight is 180–220 g. Each meal is matched with an ideal side dish, but if you prefer other combination, feel free to order anything you like.
Pork tenderloin steak, Tyrolean potatoes with herbs, baked garlic sauce
245 Kč
Thai red curry with prawn, chicken, coconut milk, coriander and wild basil, jasmine rice
229 Kč
Grilled chicken breast with skin, buttered pea, black rice and cognac sauce
250 g249 Kč
Grilled salmon, black lens, basil pesto, baby spinach, tarragon sauce
200 g325 Kč
Prime rump steak with Grenaille potatoes, glazed carrots, pickled onion, Madeira sauce, pureed celery and truffle sauce
250 g335 Kč
Burger Bílý Páv – Beef from Seletice Farm, bacon jam, sour cucumber, homemade French fries, ravigote dressing
200 g239 Kč
Rib Eye steak – prime Rib Eye form Seletice Farm, grilled zucchini and peppers, onion sauce, Fench fries
250 g369 Kč
Side dishes
Creamy risotto
49 Kč
Potato purée
49 Kč
Grilled vegetables
49 Kč
Jasmine rice
49 Kč
Bun dumplings
49 Kč
Homemade French fries
59 Kč
Fresh pancakes, boiled fruit, walnuts, vanilla curd
85 Kč
Chocolate cake, marinated sour cherries, homemade yogurt ice cream, hazelnuts
99 Kč
Créme brûlée, grapefruit sorbet
95 Kč
You can also choose from our sorbets and ice creams
29 Kč
Selection according to daily offer from our showcase
Beer and wine snacks
Chopped beef tartare with capers and shallots, bread, mustard seed, fresh chilli peppers
80 g195 Kč
Our greaves spread, pickled onions, farm bread
109 Kč
Homemade pate, jelly from wine reduction, cornichons
149 Kč
Roasted almondss, sea salt, fresh chilli peppers
59 Kč

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iconBílý Páv
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